The Ultimate Covert Spy Cameras Guide

Car Key Fob Spy Camera

We bring you the best range of covert spy cameras, along with the independent advice, experience and ideas from the spy and security industry (that we’re allowed to tell you!). If you have a need for a spy camera, we’ll do what we can to help you find the right camera for your intended application. As the name suggests, we specialise in covertly hidden cameras, rather than the usual high-visibility CCTV cameras that you see everywhere.

If you want to record video footage discretely, then there’s nothing better than a camera covertly hidden in a common everyday object. The less attention that spy camera draws, the more likely you are to record the evidence you need. Covert spy cameras can be concealed within objects around the home or office, as well as objects you can carry around with you. People change their behaviour when they think they’re being watched, which is why overt CCTV cameras rarely capture enough evidence.

So think about where you want to hide the camera and what environment you’re in. That environment will help you decide if you need to hide a camera yourself, or if you can buy a camera that’s pre-concealed (such as a spy camera in a clock).


New for February 2012! We’ve just added a brand new guide on covert wildlife spy cameras, with loads of information about what they do and how they work. Find out how wildlife cameras see in the dark, how the batteries can last for up to 3 months, and how wildlife cameras can send you captured photos instantly!

Covert Spy Cameras on eBay

There are often a whole range of new and interesting spy cameras on eBay. With a little digging, you can find yourself some great deals!

Spy Camera Guides

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