Covert Spy Cameras in Car Key Fobs

Car Key Fob Spy Camera

Just like spy cameras hidden in watches, a Car Key Fob is a common object that you’re likely to have on your person without drawing any attention. Most people who drive have a car key fob on their key chain. So nobody will notice if you have a 2nd key fob. Even if they do ask, you could just explain it’s for unlocking the car boot or home garage.

The key fobs often have both a video and a photo stills mode, which means you can record video or just a snapshot (like a normal digital camera). Pretty much all key fobs with covert spy cameras contain internal storage, and so act as a digital video recorder (DVR). Some key fobs also have a slot of additional memory, which means you can record more footage without needing to delete your previous footage first.

Once you have your video footage, you’ll need to hook up the keyfob to your computer and download the images and video.

Top Offers for Spy Cameras Hidden in Car Keyfobs