How to hide a spy camera

Fundamentally, spy cameras are used to record visual evidence of a crime, some kind of misdeed, or something interesting (e.g. watching nature). In most cases, spy cameras need to be hidden so that they can record this evidence without discovery. Conversely, for deterent-based surveillance, that’s where you’d have a CCTV surveillance system.

So how do you hide a spy camera? What factors you need to consider? What’s a good hiding place? These are all fundamental questions that will influence what kind of spy camera you need. So we’ll explain that now.

Important Considerations and Factors

A good power supply – All spy cameras need a source of power, and lots of it. Most spy cameras are power hungry beasts, so you need a long-lasting source of power. You can easily use batteries for spy cameras, but they will only last hours or a few days. Ideally, you need to connect the spy cam to a mains-based power source, or even a solar panel.

Line of sight – This one is a bit obvious, but you need to be able to hide the camera where it’s able to record something useful. i.e. the camera can see your target! Hiding places are easy to find, but ones with a line of sight to your target are a bit harder to find.

Method of recording – If you’re hiding a spy camera, you’ll want the video footage recorded somehow. For a wireless system, you need the recording device to be hidden nearby. If you have a DVR spy camera, then the hiding place will need to be a little larger than just the camera itself. You can find out more about different spy camera types in our guide.

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